Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review

This one man pontoon from Classic Accessories, called the “Roanoke”, is a great option for float tube fishing or waterfowling on your favorite body of water.

In this review we’ll take a look at all the facts and features surrounding this portable inflatable pontoon so you have all the information you need before making a decision to buy.

The advantage in a pontoon-style float tube versus a belly boat is that you have added support from a tubular steel frame that also gives this inflatable boat strength for moving water and longer travel distances.

A predictable performance system, from a brand you can trust, let’s you enjoy your favorite water sport without having to worry about the boat that got you there.


Classic Accessories Roanoke Features

This rugged little personal pontoon boat is both lightweight and reliable and comes with a Certificate of Origin should you need to register this watercraft in your State.

Here are the features that make this an attractive, affordable option for anglers:

  1. The plastic folding seat lets you sit high above the water for better viewing
  2. On-board storage includes 2 zippered armrest pockets, rear fabric flat storage, small mesh storage panels armrests
  3. Two convenient non-slip footrests are adjustable to accommodate leg length comfort.
  4. There is a mesh, under seat stripping apron that allows easy entry and exit with having to unclip it. It also includes a fish ruler.
  5. The powder-coated steel tube frame protects against rust and corrosion.
  6. It comes equipped with 2 six (6) foot aluminum oars and included 2 heavy duty oar locks.
  7. The heat and cold resistant bladders let you enjoy your sport fishing in any temperature.
  8. The pontoon bottoms are made from abrasion resistant PVC should your boat be exposed rocky waterbeds.
  9. Includes quick inflate and deflate combination valves

Roanoke Personal Pontoon Boat Facts

Beyond the convenience and comfort features in this Classic Accessories “Roanoke” model there are the facts associated with ownership, storage, and assembly. Here is what you may want to know:

  • OVERALL WEIGHT – 43 pounds dry
  • ASSEMBLY: See Roanoke Float Tube Owners Manual HERE
  • RIVER RATED – Class 1
  • BOX DIMENSIONS – 47.5-inches long by 24.25-inches wide x 15.75-inches high
  • ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS – 96-inches long by 55-inches wide by 29-inches high
  • WARRANTY – 1 Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser
  • TOTE BAG – No Tote Bag Included
  • COLOR – Blueberry and Silver Combo
  • CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN – Included with purchase for licensing
  • SAFETY – Labeled per ABYC Standards
  • MOTOR MOUNT – None
  • ROD HOLDERS – None
  • ANCHOR KIT – None

Pricing for this pontoon fishing boat option has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. As of this writing, Amazon is offering an additional 10 percent discount on top of their listed price that is 37 percent below retail.


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