Classic Accessories Inflatable Float Tube Pontoon Boat

It’s easy to navigate a lake or river with this portable, inflatable pontoon boat, the “Colorado” model from the Classic Accessories brand. This review will detail the facts and features of this belly boat alternative for solo fishing or water fowling ponds, lakes or rivers.

You know you need a complete performance-predictable system that will let you enjoy your water sport — without having to worry about what you’re doing it in.

This float tube pontoon, from its rust resistant powdered coated steel frame to the abrasion resistant, heavy-duty inflatable PVC pontoon bottoms provides a basis and more for some fun on the water.

While inflatable pontoon boats can perform just about all the same functions as a traditional float tube, they have the advantage of a metal frame. This adds strength for swift water travel, longer travel distances and rapid moving water.


 Top Features to Consider in a Pontoon Float Tube

When choosing any float tube for fishing or waterfowling, there are facts and features about each unit that will guide you to making the right buying decision. Here is how the Classic Accessories “Colorado” model inflatable pontoon stacks up:

  1. MOTOR MOUNT – This model has a two position motor mount for battery-operated trolling motors at the rear of the pontoon boat. A maximum motor shaft of 36-inches and thrust of 30 pounds is recommended.
  2. OVERALL WEIGHT – 71.5 pounds dry
  3. ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS – 108-inches long by 56-inches wide by 26-inches high
  4. ON-BOARD STORAGE – 10 mesh pockets, 12 zippered pockets and 2 insulated drink holders
  5. ANCHOR SYSTEM – Maximum anchor weight capacity 6 to 8 pounds. Anchor system has cleat and pulley-style controls with a fillable mesh bag that can be used on either side of the float tube.
  6. REAR DECK CAPACITY – Storage behind the seat at the back of the pontoon measures approximately 9-inches by 20-inches.
  7. OAR LENGTH – Oars measure 7-feet in length, come in two pieces and are made from lightweight aluminum
  8. WARRANTY – 2 YEAR Limited Warranty to the original purchaser against defects in materials or workmanship

Other features include a dual-sided stripping apron, a detachable fly patch, double hull pontoon bladders, a 6-position rod holder, a padded fold down plastic height adjustable seat and adjustable non-slip foot rests for various leg lengths and comfort levels.


Overall, this model is a pretty good value if buying from Amazon for less than $500.00. If you plan to use a trolling motor with this unit you will need to make adjustments to balance and level the boat with the added weight — which may mean moving your seat forward.

Some users recommend using a hand pump over an electric pump to fill the pontoons. They indicated that an electric pump may not get you an optimum fill. It has also been noted by some avid anglers that the rod holder placement is a little awkward at first, but easy to adapt to with use.

In this price point, when compared to other brands, the “Colorado” has more features and at a lower cost by far. Great initial investment for newbies. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website.


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